Chelsea Martens

Fashion Designer - Founder

A Family Operated Business.

Started in 2020 by Chelsea and Leo, Style Adix aims to bring high quality fashion to customers at an affordable price.

As with many other Americans, Chelsea was a casualty of the Pandemic, having been laid off from her job in the fashion industry. After hearing from friends and family concerned about their well-being when venturing out for essential needs, she put her skills and experience to work making custom-designed, hand-crafted, and high-quality face masks. 

Chelsea is Fashion and Design graduate of LATTC and a 10-year veteran of the celebrity fashion design industry. Her works have been worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Brittney Spears and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. You might have seen her works at events such as the Super Bowl, Coachella and The NBA Allstar Game along with many Awards shows and Music videos.

Chelsea puts all of her experience and love into every piece she makes. When you wear her pieces you wear her life.

Thank you for your support !